Newcomers and visitors


Whether you are new to Quakers, or a Friend visiting the Worcestershire and Shropshire Area, you are very welcome to join us for worship. Meeting arrangements are currently being kept under review and may change, so please do contact us in advance if you can.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to hearing from you.

New to Quaker worship?

There are links below to information About Quakers.

Our national website Quakers in Britain describes how Quakers worship.  

A valuable resource for those new to Quakers is the website discovering Quakers.

Many of our meetings are now using technology not only to keep in touch, but also to meet together in silent worship. This did seem strange at first but has now become a valued part of our worship.

Woodbrooke is an international Quaker learning and research organisation based in Britain. They offer opportunities for online Quaker worship which are in addition to our Local and Area Meetings. These may be of interest. They also provide information on what to expect at an online Quaker meeting.